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  Explore your intuition series - guided meditations

If you've ever wondered about your spiritual abilities (or lack thereof), think of this experience as a roadmap to help you locate your own spiritual path. Clairvoyance means literally "to see clearly," and clairvoyant meditation offers tools for connecting with your sixth chakra, also known as the "third eye." Sit down, close your eyes and follow along as you're guided through a gentle meditation. Learn about your own natural energy flow and how to use it, how to "ground" yourself and create a sense of connectedness, and to trust what you see. 

  • Follow a guided meditation
  • Discover how energy flows and learn how to harness it
  • This event can be looked upon as a mini class due to the amount of information shared     

   As we move to a new paradigm of a Sacred Planet, we are experiencing the change on Earth. We also, are shifting to make this change possible. Come learn to work within this change, grow your awareness and be intuitive with your Male or Female energy.  There is space for you to receive communication around your male/female energy from same gender healers and readers.

Women's Program 4   prereq. 3 months clairvoyant training   March 3 Saturday 11:30 to 2p

A step onto a journey to have your space and power as a woman.  This is a class for your spirit in body to bring healing and transformation into how you work with your intuition. You will work on releasing the energies that you no longer serve you and  replenish with your own energy that is in harmony with you today.  Play and amusement are extraordinary energy levels that allow expansion of one’s perspective, thus making it easy to explore the depths and creativity of female energy.  When you can work with the power of this energy, it becomes easier to create, heal and have fun!

Topics include:  Creativity and Nurturing,  Reading and Healing Techniques, Female Healing Master

Please register here: and receive a link for your dial into a conference call.     $125 per month

Men's Workshop Grounding tools and self validation

Men's Class  

A four week class as a first step for tools for men. Having access to your intuition can make all the difference in opening up first, your inner world, and possibility follows. Consider this class a teaching to learn how to go on an adventure.  Tools for male grounding, renewal, and self healing

Start date: dtba