A reading is a communication. By some it is experienced as a clarification and for others as a way of giving to themselves a 'shift' that can open space for new insight to flow in.  A healing is an energetic tune-up for your energy.

Aura Reading and Healing

The seat of your intuition is your ability see energy. Seeing with your inner eyes happens fairly quickly and most people stay in observastion mode versus using it consciously to create with,  making a decision, taking time to reflect or simply moving on.

  A  reader has the awareness to see and then communicate it to you. They have had practice in reading energy in the intuitive development or clairvoyant training program.

This awareness of seeing is available to all, you too can learn to read.

An aura reading  covers your current growth, past lives and layers of the aura. There is space for your questions.  $50 45 minutes

$65 for 1 hour. Space for questions

AURA HEALINGS - First 3 Sundays 1-2pm   15 minute healings. Free

sug. donation $5

An aura healing is an energetic 'tune up' for your energy system which in turns helps to integrate information, healing and growth. Get a chakra and aura healing.

Reading Open House

Generally once a month. Mini 15 minute readings.

$10 per reading

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