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Tools for Intuitive Awareness

By popular demand we have a great and simple space to have your friends be part of a community right from where they are.

It is simple. A phone, headset, comfortable chair where the spine is supported and feet can touch the ground.

Would you like a reading via phone or remote healing? Feel free to request one!

Mens Readings Available!

Mens Energy for Beginners -

Tools, techniques and a smoother ride...  Sunday February 17 . 5pm

Via Teleconference. Email us for dial in information.

Mens Awareness Series

This expanded and light version of a men's class is a great way to bring your male information into present time. Past time learning just simply needs an update. For the full benefit of this service please take all of classes.

CONTRIBUTION: $25 per session  Request recording    here....

(prereq. 6 months of clairvoyant training).

Male Energy, Grounding &  Creativity     Recording  Available.

Male Female Communication     Recording Available.

Clairvoyance and Neutrality     Recording Available

Relationships  Recording Available

Control   Recording Available

 God of Heart  Recording Available




Intro to Basic Intuitive Skills.  Lasts an hour and a half. Location is the comfort of your own home. 


Are you an empath with boatloads of sensitivity and no tools for taking good care of your space and your energy? Are you ready to take your psychic abilities to the next level? Do you want to learn more about visualizing, clairvoyance, your energy, chakras, aura layers and the astral body? Then this is the meditation program for you! This is the introduction to intuitive skills and is a preliminary to an intuitive / clairvoyant training program.


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