Clairvoyant Center
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Be the intuitive you are.  Navigate with new awareness! 

In person classes.

At the heart of the  twelve month intuitive training lies your own self discovery. The information and tools from the introductory classes assist you in exploring and using your abilities to  validate your unique clairvoyant or visual awareness. To do this you learn to read auras, discover the expansiveness of your  spiritual realms, clear karma, learn about your spiritual library, communicate with your records keeper, and more! . Comes with healings, energy checks and readings. Clairvoyant training starts in September/October.

The introductory classes offer tools for everyday.

 photo by z.sherring

photo by z.sherring

Create the calm!

These classes are taught in the energy of a spiritual kindergarten. The tools and techniques enable you to navigate your life while you have fun exploring your abilities and learning to bring yourself into a centered space. Classes are 5 weeks long, once a week.  Register here..

Beginning Clairvoyance 1 Day Class August 2 Thursday 2p-4p. 

Consider this class an exploration of intuition - your spiritual language and bringing it to your day. 

Learn how to have tools for everyday and the following.

  • Aura - your spiritual space
  • Grounding - your  connection to the earth
  • Neutrality - observation without judgement
  • Mental Images - what creates ones communication
  • Clairvoyance - awareness
  • Centering - bringing your energy into one place from the past and future


   Beginning Clairvoyance Part 2   August 16 Thursday  7-9p                                                   A continuation of clairvoyant awareness with new tools. In this class you will learn to:

  • Create room for your creations
  • Work a little deeper with yourself
  • Let go more effectively
  • Read energy

Self Healing  

For the healer within! Your healing energy heals you.

  • Healing Energy - discover and familiarize yourself with it.
  • Spiritual anatomy
  • Giving and receiving - space for both you as a healer and the healee
  • Self healing - you are your own healer

And more! 



Would you like something deeper? Get a Hands on Healing - a deep, deep healing as you remain laying down and fully clothed. 40 minutes.


Within us there is tremendous space. You create it right there, inside of you. Take it with you on your travels, keep this space as you are amongst others and go to it when you need when you must or want.

Hands on Healing Review - dtba

Trancemedium Program - Starts winter 2018/19 For more on details on this program, please write to us. 

One to One Program    Introductory mini class - August 17 6:30p-8:30p Taking registration for this deep journey on spiritual autonomy.

Advanced Intuitive Intensive - Gain mastery, spiritual autonomy, and create room for yourself to be in the world. Use what you know up to this point and use those tools to cultivate some mastery around the release of programming. Enjoy breakthroughs in areas that matter to you an areas that you visit everyday. Things that are covered include: Self relationship and relationships with others, Dream space - a large part of your spiritual work is done here, Spiritual anatomy in depth, Kundalini and the main channels and part in the bodys innate intelligence, and more. 9 month program.

Other classes: Hands on Healing, Spiritual Teaching, One to One, Trancemediumship, Ministers