Intro Class

create the calm...

Create the calm!

These classes are taught in the energy of a spiritual kindergarten. The tools and techniques enable you to navigate your life while you have fun exploring your abilities and learning to bring yourself into a centered space. Moving through life can be empowering with more access to your own information and being present. Classes are 4 weeks long, once a week.  Register here..

Beginning Clairvoyance 1    Nov 2nd   Thursday, 7pm

Learn about the following and learn to use them for you.

  • Aura - grounding it
  • Grounding - the beginning of creating a connection to the earth
  • Neutrality - observation without judgement
  • Space - your own
  • Clairvoyance - the awareness that makes meditation fun
  • Centering - bringing your energy into one place

For a brief free recording to an introduction class, go the Members Resources page and use the following login information.  Login: guest   Password:  hello!  In guest resources you will find "Intro Talk". Enjoy!

 Beginning Clairvoyance 2    November 1 Wednesday, 7pm

 A continuation of clairvoyant awareness with new tools. In this class you will learn to:

  • Create room for your creations
  • Work a little deeper with yourself
  • Let go more effectively
  • Read energy
  • Present Time - ever feel like you are living in another time? Working with yourself in the now can assist in you being available to create change in the now

Self Healing  

For the healer within! Your healing energy heals you.

  • Healing Energy - discover and familiarize yourself with it.
  • Spiritual anatomy
  • Giving and receiving - space for both you as a healer and the healee
  • Self healing - you are your own healer

And more!