Clairvoyant Center
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"Your Inner Sanctuary"


Connect with your own divinity.

12-1pm  Second Sundays.

Set in a non-denominational setting and open to all - this guided meditation is an opportunity for you to go within and connect to the sanctuary that awaits you.

On second Sundays 12-1pm with healings to follow.

Love donation based.



  "In Clairvoyant Training I experienced a big shift in the way I approach my life and my everyday challenges. I still have the same job, the same apartment, the same relationship, and the same socioeconomic status as before Clairvoyant Training, but I now have the tools and daily practice to free me from old patterns, worries, fears, conflicts, and roles. I have greater access to my own amusement, inspiration, and creativity. Another way of saying it is: I have moved out old fears, worries, conflicts, and limitations and replaced them with amusement, inspiration, and creativity. I am also more in touch with who I am--separate from how other people see me or want me to be. I have become more comfortable being myself, I am more accepting of myself, and I am less likely to confuse other people’s dreams and goals with my own dreams and goals. The result is less self-punishment and less self-judgment. I delight in being who I am."   Tisa Batchelder, Evanston Songwriter, author, singer                   

"When we began the year long clairvoyant program, we were asked to list what we were expecting to gain from it. My goals were simple.  They included wanting to find myself, and to discover God on a personal level, leaving behind the rules, regulations and restrictions put in place by man. Little did I know, I would not only reach each and every one of these goals, but I would surpass them with flying colors.  I learned to push past the surface and dig deep to find my true spirit. Learning to connect my spirit and body was a tremendous tool in beginning my new life. If I do sense something is off, I have the tools to look at why I feel off and change it.  I can appreciate the growth periods I go through and soar through them because I know that this life is a journey, not something to “survive”.  Shelly Nichols, Aurora

“…a truly safe place for learning personal techniques of spiritual growth.  The tools taught for grounding, centering, aligning with energies of the earth of and of the stars… all these help a person grow as an individual and one comes to understand oneself more fully.  Most importantly the environment is safe and self-paced - everything is offered simply, and can be learned according to the individual’s time and interest.”   Sandra L. Williams, Ph.D.

    "Since I began the classes I've noticed that time is slowing down for me. I've also been able to handle a lot more than usual. I've never been great at living in the present but I'm definitely getting better. The tools I have learned have aided me in a sort of revealing of my true self. During this class I was facing a lot of changes. I decided to end a disharmonious work relationship and after a somewhat rough transitional period I found a new job doing work I love. I also appreciate the openness and calmness of the CC instructors and their non " guru" attitudes. I've attended many spiritual workshops and the vibe has always been you need this or this is the one and only teaching! These tools are very practical and really do work for the modern spiritual student."        Patricia Biesen, Artist

"It took me almost a year to decide to actually speak to someone at the center after a friend recommended it.  I decided to take a intro workshop.  I don'tremember the name of the workshop but it was enough to intrigueme.  The decision to attend revolved mainly around my idea that there was more to my life and what is my purpose.  It is man's age old question.  I've had various experiences in my life that i've accepted as being part of who I am.  In the process-I have read, studiedand attended different types of esoteric practices but always left feeling not completely satisfied.  During my training at the center, I was able to put it all together and I don't worry about my purpose as much and I'm more satisfied with my abilities.   As a friend of my mine use to say, "we are spirits having a human experience" so I'm enjoying that knowledge.  And as we all know when you are ready the teacher will be there. Thank you." Peggy M., ChicagoCompliance Officer

      "Today I experience tremendous freedom from the many patterns and energies that made life difficult to live fully before I discovered meditation.  I have tools to use that help me expand my awareness and have seniority over the energies and feelings that previously seemed to run me!  I continue to grow on this amazing journey, and am daily thankful for the gift it is in my life.  Incidentally, the energy work helped me reclaim my faith as well, helping me to see and access the truths hidden within my tradition in ways that are more nourishing and sustaining.  Now, I experience 'retreat' in the midst of my normal life, thanks to energy healing and meditation." Elizabeth Jameson, Glencoe   Rector    

     “In my journey as a part of my church, I can deliver my sermons with a sense of grace and fulfillment for myself and others. Being grounded has helped me connect with people in a way where I can assist them in whatever they need.” JTR, SeattlePriest